Rohingya: Indigenous People Of Rakhine State

The Rohingya are an indigenous peoples who have a long established presence in what today is called Rakhine state, Burma. Before the nation-state the Rohingya lived near the border with Bangladesh and travel across the Naf River was common. The Rohingya are predominantly Muslim and Hindu. Rohingya indigeneity has been disputed by genocidalists in the Burmese military and government over the past few decades with dehumanizing language denying their existence and identity as “Rohingya,” claiming they are illegal “Bengali” immigrants and also hurling racist invective at them by referring to them with the Burmese equivalent of the N-word.

The ‪Rohingya‬ as pre-nation state indigenous ethnic group of ‪Burma

Rooinga or Rohingyas, The Natives of Rakhine/Arakan, were there centuries before the First British Annexation of Burma Empire (1824).

Evidence: Asiatic Researches (Volume V.), Calcutta, AD 1799. Rohingya were long settled in Rakhang or Arakan way before the British first annexed Rakhaing or Arakan in AD 1826.

Francis Buchanan (1799) A Comparative Vocabulary of Some of the Languages Spoken in the Burma Empire. Calcutta, pp. 237-239.

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